Nothing gets a party started like a frozen margarita. The combination of lime, triple sec and tequila seems like what the taste of frozen nectar would be if a citrus tree grew in the Arctic.

Be your own barista: The Frappé

Essentially, it’s an iced coffee minus the hot water brewing. Yes, it uses (gasp!) instant coffee—that creamy froth cannot otherwise be achieved with any other type of coffee. Trust me, I’ve tried. This is the only instance where processed coffee trumps the real kind.

Summerizing your outdoor space

After all, summer is about being outside and enjoying the slower pace of things. Why not capture the essence of summer and give it a place in your home? Consider these practical tips on how to summerize your outdoor space and you might just feel the inspiration to make it happen.


It is, simply, a perfect treat, a little more jazzy than plain lemonade, its fizzy tartness just this side of sweet.

Cerines Cooking School: Mango Salsa

Another super-easy recipe that is super-versatile: served as a condiment for fish tacos or broiled salmon beyond just enjoyed as a healthy snack served with tortilla chips. Since apricots are in season now, we tried this variation with this amazing fruit. The aroma of the apricots doesn’t diminish paired with…