Penne al tonno

A defining characteristic about eating in Italy is the time that is carved out each day to enjoy a meal, utilizing Italian-produced ingredients. The irony is that, while the food is remarkable to most, it’s not the main event. Serve this simple dish with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and let the conversation take its course.

Broiled Boneless Salmon Steak!

Salmon is really versatile and the taste changes depending on how its cooked. Our preferred way to prepare this wonderful fish is explained in today’s post. What you get is a crispy top exterior with a supple and smooth interior.

Choosing (the right) paint colors

We originally chose jewel-toned colors for Cerines, ones we had used in previous living space—all apartments— with great success. Choosing colors for a whole house is another matter entirely.

Iced Tea

Brewing your iced tea as home is as easy as boiling water. We insist here on loose tea, which brews slightly different than that encased in a tea bag