Keeping track of… your receipts

Most business travelers who have expense accounts are used to doing this anyway, as they have to submit receipts for nearly everything. There are apps for all of this that neatly organize them. However, these are NOT for you and me. Discover this simple and inexpensive way to keep track of your receipts.

Pickled Eggs!

The most tedious part of the whole process is peeling the eggs; making the pickling brine comes together in a few minutes with some dried herbs or spices and a little imagination.

Zucchine fritters

While this recipe uses an Italian vegetable, the finished product is all-Greek, thus combining the different but complementary flavors of the Mediterranean. Great for a meal, with drinks or as a picnic food, these will sure to become a favorite.

The Chore Board

With kids out for the summer, the routine of your home has invariably changed. This extra, free time results in a lot of idleness. Sound familiar?


Biscuit + Good Chocolate + Grilled Marshmallow = Food Awesomeness. Your taste buds will remember it forever…

Wicked Good Potato Chips!

Follow these tips for success in order to ensure you’ll be turning out the best potato chips you’ll ever eat, time after time and sure to receive raves from the kids or guests.