Getting to Cerines

Getting to Cerines Cerines sits right next to the A1 highway, 10 minutes south of Nicosia, 20 minutes north of Larnaca and 35 minutes from Yermasogia. It’s not hard to get to. BEST WAY TO FIND US: Smartphone: 1. Use your Google Maps app or click on Google Maps and…

Cerines Supper Club: contribution and cancellation policy

Below you will find important information regarding some recent changes to the Cerines Supper Club experience. Please take the time to read these, to avoid any misunderstanding. Suggested Contribution This social experiment is group-funded. Participants and first-time guests are kindly reminded that each person contributes the same amount for the…

Beach Day Guide

Memories don’t just happen, they are created! Follow the guide to having a relaxing day at the beach, allowing space for those unforgettable moments.

Beach Day Checklist

With July on our heels, it’s time to pack up and head to the beach! Get the checklist and download the pdf version right to your desktop!

Yogurt Smoothies

Getting some dairy into your diet is good for you, and all of those active cultures in yogurt do wonders for digestion and your general health. Here at Cerines, we combine seasonal fruits and yogurt to make yogurt-based smoothies.