A Guide to Brunch!

Here in Europe, the last few years have witnessed a popularization of this Anglo-American tradition. Precisely because the proper meal of the day is enjoyed between one and three in the afternoon, it’s an excuse to have a meal a bit earlier.

So what is it, this funny thing called brunch? An early lunch? A late breakfast? The simple answer is that brunch means different things to different people.

This ambiguity presents some confusion when it comes to socializing over breakfast. Say you’re invited for brunch. Do you skip breakfast? Or do you make plans to eat a late lunch? If you’re hosting, there is equal ambiguity about what to serve and how much of it to offer. How long does brunch go on for?

Suffice it to say that it is neither breakfast nor is it just lunch, rather it is both.

If it’s both, then do you serve a mess of foods from both reflecting the mash-up of the two words? The simple answer is… not actually.


There are some essential qualities about brunch that reflect the nature of the meal and the reason why it exists in the first place. It’s a fun meal and you should most definitely throw a brunch; the casual elegance of it dovetails nicely with the modern pace of life that slows down on weekend mornings. Have a look at our brunch essentials for a clear idea of what separates this exquisite meal from breakfast, lunch and dinner. And lots of new recipes to help you pull it off. Good times guaranteed.

Check out our 15 Brunch Essentials!

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We’ll also soon be publishing some of our favorite menus for brunch! From small and intimate to large and festive, the feature category will include lots of original, new and classic recipes from the archive. Looking for brunch ideas? Do it right and bookmark cerines.com for all you need to know about this exquisite meal.