How a Bagel is Born

Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, loves bagels. How much? Let’s just say that anyone who has ever been introduced to these has a bagel story. Once you know how to make these, nothing else will even come close. They are at once chewy and crunchy, salty and satisfying. You’ll be surprised…

Brick Oven Guide

In and around the Mediterranean, brick-oven cooking is a natural extension of ex-urban life with an indisputable connection to a rugged, self-reliant manner of living. Cooking under your own controlled heat source is a unique pleasure that few today know. The closest most get to it is by grilling over open flame or by campfire. It is the ultimate way of enjoying ‘slow-food’, bringing family together over food, breaking bread with neighbors and friends. If you have one of these or you know a neighbor who does have one, take advantage of it; this guide will help you take the guesswork out of cooking in a brick oven. Even if you don’t have the possibility of cooking in one, learn why cooking in a brick oven is so wonderful. The next time you are enjoying pizza baked in a brick oven or sinking your teeth into artisanal bread, you’ll know why it’s so delicious. Includes 10 Pointers for Success! Exclusive to