Beach Day Guide

Memories don’t just happen, they are created! Follow the guide to having a relaxing day at the beach, allowing space for those unforgettable moments.

Beach Day Checklist

With July on our heels, it’s time to pack up and head to the beach! Get the checklist and download the pdf version right to your desktop!

Beach Day Essentials

We don’t have to wait until it is officially summer on 21 June to start heading to the beach and the beautiful, crystal blue-green waters of our beautiful Cyprus. Our first dip this year was back in April; a little chilly for the leisure set, but exciting to be swimming…

Keeping track of… your receipts

Most business travelers who have expense accounts are used to doing this anyway, as they have to submit receipts for nearly everything. There are apps for all of this that neatly organize them. However, these are NOT for you and me. Discover this simple and inexpensive way to keep track of your receipts.

The Chore Board

With kids out for the summer, the routine of your home has invariably changed. This extra, free time results in a lot of idleness. Sound familiar?

Summerizing your outdoor space

After all, summer is about being outside and enjoying the slower pace of things. Why not capture the essence of summer and give it a place in your home? Consider these practical tips on how to summerize your outdoor space and you might just feel the inspiration to make it happen.