Yogurt Smoothies

Getting some dairy into your diet is good for you, and all of those active cultures in yogurt do wonders for digestion and your general health. Here at Cerines, we combine seasonal fruits and yogurt to make yogurt-based smoothies.

The Electric Blueberry

My first job growing up was working at the local fish & chip joint taking orders and scooping ice cream. It was there that I learned to make milkshakes and frappes (basically a milkshake with ice cream or drinkable ice cream, not to be confused with the coffee-based FrappĂ©). This…

Cerines’ House Punch

Nothing says party like a punch bowl full of this versatile party beverage. With the addition of a special ingredient, it’s a versatile year-round choice for your parties, loved by adults and children alike.

Iced Tea

Brewing your iced tea as home is as easy as boiling water. We insist here on loose tea, which brews slightly different than that encased in a tea bag