Yogurt Smoothies

Getting some dairy into your diet is good for you, and all of those active cultures in yogurt do wonders for digestion and your general health. Here at Cerines, we combine seasonal fruits and yogurt to make yogurt-based smoothies.

Pickled Eggs!

The most tedious part of the whole process is peeling the eggs; making the pickling brine comes together in a few minutes with some dried herbs or spices and a little imagination.

Broiled Boneless Salmon Steak!

Salmon is really versatile and the taste changes depending on how its cooked. Our preferred way to prepare this wonderful fish is explained in today’s post. What you get is a crispy top exterior with a supple and smooth interior.

Capers: delicacy of the Med!

For our Med-based readers, a quick and easy guide to pickling your own capers. For our readers beyond our island in the Med, get the low-down on brine vs salt-packed and what the difference is between a caper and a caper berry (so you can wow your foodie friends at your next gathering).