Brown Butter Waffles

Well, here it is. Most waffle afficionados know to separate the eggs so the waffles are lighter. Not with this recipe, the one that uses a secret ingredient you already have at home but don’t know you do. (Merci, gastronomie de la France!)

Pollo alla cacciatora

This is one of those dishes I like to call “Forbidden Italian”: Italian dishes that have evolved through the diaspora that Italians today would never dream of consuming. I say they don’t know what they’re missing!

A Recipe for A Good Old Time

Planning is good. Overplanning is the opposite. When you allow yourself to get to where you need to be and then decide to throw the plan out the window is when the fun really begins. Print or share this classic recipe for A Good Old Time. Enthusiasm required.

Breakfast Muffins

It’s not a cupcake, though some people think it is. No, this treat makes it presence known at the breakfast table, disappearing as quickly as it came.