Choosing (the right) paint colors

We originally chose jewel-toned colors for Cerines, ones we had used in previous living space—all apartments— with great success. Choosing colors for a whole house is another matter entirely.

Capers: delicacy of the Med!

For our Med-based readers, a quick and easy guide to pickling your own capers. For our readers beyond our island in the Med, get the low-down on brine vs salt-packed and what the difference is between a caper and a caper berry (so you can wow your foodie friends at your next gathering).

Weekend project: Flower in a pot

Our weekends here at Cerines are a series of projects that are not just limited to housekeeping or maintenance. Properly-planned projects from time-to-time lead to well-executed results, for a fraction of the cost of what you would spend buying things retail. While it’s nice to go shopping and pick up…