Cerines Supper Club: contribution and cancellation policy

Below you will find important information regarding some recent changes to the Cerines Supper Club experience. Please take the time to read these, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Suggested Contribution
This social experiment is group-funded. Participants and first-time guests are kindly reminded that each person contributes the same amount for the shared experience. Not only will you be provided with ample food and drink throughout the supper, you have gained access to a growing community made up of like-minded people. This contribution allows us to make these events happen, to source the services required and to purchase the best quality of the food bounty that Cyprus has to offer, along with a creating a variety of things that compliment the experience. Individual attention is given to the space and to your individual experience. As every participant agrees, the experience is so much more than the food.
To be clear, the suggested contribution is not discretionary. It is simply a discreet term for our assessment of the base amount for the value of this event. If you accept the invitation, this indicates to us that you agree to contribute what the other participants are contributing. You are kindly requested to leave us your feedback on a brief card that you will find in the marked envelope. We do take your comments into consideration as we aim to always improve the experience, as evidenced in the nearly 700 places we have offered since its launch in March 2014.

The suggested contribution for a supper during Season III is €35, excluding brunch (€25) and off-site events (€TBD).  It is with utmost care that we create this experience and that we include you in this invitation-only supper. Please consider the effort that is made to bring this experience to you, the cost of the space and the materials and the passion with which this social experiment is maintained. This is a group-funded, private social club where everyone is equal. Not contributing the same base amount is assuming that your hosts and other participants will subsidize your social evening out. This is altogether contrary to the aims of the Cerines Supper Club. For a similar food experience, the contribution is less than what one could expect to spend for a similar evening out. Added value is provided as you are connecting with an ever-growing community of like-minded individuals. We enthusiastically make good faith efforts to accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions and pride ourselves on over-delivering. We trust you will respect our personal contribution to this supper club and will treat us with the same level of consideration. Mutual contribution is the key to the success of our unique supper club.

We do not receive this contribution until after the event is underway. If you have to leave for whatever reason before the end of the event, please leave the contribution in the personalized envelope and, time permitting, your thoughts on the comment card.

Please consider that this is an invitation-only private supper club.
We understand sometimes life gets in the way of even the best-laid plans. Even with the best of intentions and for legitimate reasons, guests and participants must inevitably cancel. First and foremost, it’s important that participants are aware of the consequences of cancellation: it impacts the viability of the event, its timetable and the entire group assembled for the evening. In other words, your cancellation affects the experiences of participants and their guests.

In short, it’s a big deal to those who come and for us, too, so please think twice before cancelling. If you must, please make a good faith effort to fill the seat. Thank you!