Tastes of the Med: Wood-Grilled Swordfish


This was always a special occasion dish when I was growing up.  Precisely because of its dense meat, it absorbs a marinade more successfully than fish that are more delicate.  Lemon and garlic tend to overwhelm white fish whereas the ‘meatiness’ of swordfish is complemented by stronger flavors. We find that swordfish is actually the preferred fish to cook on the grill; it doesn’t lose any of its natural flavor or dry out. It’s completely moist and flavorful. We paired it with grilled zucchine and Cerines Insalata di patate loaded with blanched green beans, grape tomatoes and herbs and finished with tuna and anchovies and slices of our pickled eggs.


Wood-Grilled Swordfish

Serves 6

Prepare your grill.

On both sides, season six steaks (usually one per person) with the following:
extra-virgin olive oil
coarse sea salt, crushed in your hand
freshly ground black pepper

Place the steaks in the grilling basket and cook over the wood coals for 20 minutes.


Remove the steaks from the grill to a large platter. Garnish the steaks with:
2 T. pink peppercorns, crushed
slice of lemon
drizzle of olive oil
sprinkling of parsley

Tips for using the myGrill™ Chef SMART:
•Use the baskets of the myGrill™ Chef SMART grill for best results. Place the stainless-steel grates on the grill and grill up some vegetables simultaneously.
•Use the Auto function and choose “Fish”. Cook for 20 minutes. You want them to be moist and succulent, not dry and tasteless. When you’re cooking over wood coals, just when you think it needs a couple more minutes, take it off.