Christmas Martini Jazz Lounge


Some of our followers and subscribers are aware that each month since March 2014, we’ve been hosting an invitation-only supper club for a diverse group of people who are interested in getting connected socially over great food, regardless of their status or station in life (to read more about it, click here). It is the same story every time: an individual steps through the door with a little trepidation who then walks out hours later feeling as if an evening has been spent over a long, satisfying dinner amongst interesting and engaged dinner companions. To say it’s unique, a bit transformational and wholly unexpected would not be misleading.  It’s inclusive–so far ever person who has expressed interest has been invited. Through nine supper clubs held in two different formats, there is one element that ties them all together: an overwhelming number of guests at the Cerines Supper Club often tell us how comfortable they feel as soon as they walk through the front door of Cerines.

Right now we’re in the process of decking the halls, starting the ritual of unpacking the collection of Christmas ornaments we’ve been putting together over the years. The Christmas season brings to Cerines five specially-decorated trees with hand-made ornaments and natural green decorations throughout. It’s magical to see the transformation of Cerines during the Christmas season. It’s hard not to get into the spirit when you immerse yourself in a festive environment.

We wanted to combine the Supper Club and share Christmas at Cerines with a special event: a larger, stand-up supper club event for December, to bring together past participants engaged in the supper club experience together with new and interested, like-minded guests. If this is something that appeals to you, we’d love for you to join us on the 13th of December 2014 at 8 pm. Spend a festive evening with socially-engaged people at Cerines—decked out in its holiday splendor—while you listen to the swinging sounds of Christmas jazz featuring local and international musicians: vocalist Katerina Andreou, jazz bassist Greg Makamian, guitarist Petros Mendonis and special guest, tenor saxophonist Achilleas Tomasidis.
THE DETAILS: A specially-prepared holiday menu utilizing handmade and locally-sourced ingredients will be offered alongside an extensive martini menu + limited wine selection. A donation of €30 per person is suggested.
SAVE THE DATE: Space is limited to 50 persons so please be sure to RSVP.
As always, great food will be served, coupled with a dedicated martini menu and selected wines, as the sounds of a jazz quartet fill the upper level.

If you would like to attend, you can contact us in two ways, whichever suits you best:
•please send us an e-mail to specifying the number of spaces you would like to reserve.
•go to our Facebook page (click here) to access the event. Once there, select ‘Join’.

In either case, we’ll be in touch with you via FB or  via e-mail to confirm your space and to send you your private password to access the digital inviation.

Sincerely, Thomas + Ioanna