The Courtyard

On the inside looking out or on the outside looking in? No matter how you see it, this space is appreciated from both within the house and experiencing it on the exterior. It’s a great place to relax and to entertain in the warmer months, whether it’s a big birthday party or quiet, poolside breakfast al fresco. Think outside the box. Because the space is surrounded by windows, there are no walls that furniture can be placed against. We chose armless, sectional furniture for greater versatility that can be moved depending on how the space is being used. It is long but not wide, so we’ve matched tables to the space: four  rectangular tables that can be can be converted into two square tables that seat eight or matched end-to-end to seat 16. In our Mediterrean climate, this serves as another outdoor living room and dining room. •When choosing furniture for your space, opt for pieces that can be easily converted to accommodate small or large gatherings. Make sure to purchase furniture that is really comfortable. Invest in durable, high-quality pieces as they will get a lot of use. •Smaller is better. If frequent cleaning is necessary (leaves, dust), keep the space unobstructed. Keep large pots in areas that are easiest to clean. Bring in some smaller, table top pots to add color to the space, keeping in mind they need more frequent watering than larger pots.

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