The Dining Room

It was designed as the largest room in the house which gives you an idea of what the priorities are here at Cerines. The dining room is used once (sometimes twice) a day, so it must be welcoming and pleasant and not too formal. A four-person bench is the design highlight of the room, giving a sense of casualness to an otherwise formal setting. Nautical design elements are found throughout Cerines, and this room is no exception: the bench is upholstered in the same fashion as the built-in bench-seating found on cruisers and motor boats. There are three entry points to the room, a balcony door and two windows, leaving little wall space to place a bench. It is floating, with a Baker-inspired sideboard anchoring it in the room. A large, Ralph Lauren-inspired cabinet houses the dishes.

Think outside the box. The dining table is actually two separate pieces that can be utilized for totally different purposes. For large parties, these two tables are moved to separate locations: one is moved to the front wall to display the punch bowl and the other is moved to the front entry hall. The bench serves as additional seating, perfect for chatting up a friend over a drink. Smaller dinner parties can also benefit from this more intimate set-up: each table accommodates six. We’ve served a light dinner on one table and then moved to the other table to play cards.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. There are four mirrors in the space, which reflect not just natural light but the candlelight for dinners. It’s an affordable design choice and doesn’t hold you to a particular style.

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