The Master Bedroom: Creating a sanctuary

The Master Bedroom: Creating a Sanctuary

After all, it’s where you begin and end your day. It’s your choice on how you want to welcome yourself every morning you awaken and each night you go to bed. Cover the essentials according to your taste (a great bed, an appropriate mattress and pillows)  and swap out the TV for a few of these essentials. Your bedroom is about nothing more than rest and relaxation. Consider our suggestions for creating a private sanctuary, calming for your mind and body.

Pull up a chair. Sometimes laying down is not what you need. Whether it’s putting on a pair of shoes or giving yourself a foot bath, it comes in quite handy. Just be careful it doesn’t become a clothes rack.

Draw the curtains. Allow for some light to enter the room, as it is more healthy to wake up with the light of the day than in complete darkness. Having curtains that filter light rather than block them is the way to go.

Keep it low. Stick with small lamps that direct light downward. Overhead lighting in the bedroom may be great great for cleaning but all that bright light is noisy. Consider lamps on your bedside table with low-wattage bulbs to foster that soothing, quiet sanctuary.

Relax your mind. Plan to unwind with some reading material before you hit the sack. Make sure a few books are there bedside to choose from but not too many that you’ve annexed your library. Invest in a dedicated port for tablets and phones, if your reading material is on-line. Lose the television.

Things that flicker. If you don’t have a fireplace, go with candlelight (and not just when trying to be romantic). Being careful not to leave open flames unattended, votives reduce the risk of fire as they are smaller, more contained and very easily extinguish themselves. Keep a box of matches handy. As a kid, do you remember a time when all the light you had was by candlelight (camping, lost power in storms, etc)? It was fun and brought everybody closer. Reading by candlelight is an experience! Always go with odorless votives; set them in front of mirrors to increase their lucidity.

•Get fresh. Air out your bedroom frequently to freshen the room up. If it’s possible, install affordable ceiling fans (ones without lights) to leave on during naps or in the heat of the summer. It’s much less expensive than running an air-conditioner and together with an open window makes quick work of cooling down your bedroom without draining your bank account.

Strip, frequently. Changing the sheets doesn’t have to be a chore that lasts at least the time it takes to launder and dry them. Frequent changing is better all the way around so make it easier on yourself: buy an extra set. Get into the routine of stripping the bed and making it immediately with the reserve set. Hell is the moment you go to lie down after a long day and you’re faced with the horror of a stripped bed.  If you’ve got the time, iron the pillowcases for a luxury touch, found in the best hotels.

Color it simple. Fashionable colors come and go, so keep the walls a favorite shade of a neutral color; you won’t be repainting for years in there so you’ll want to choose something classic. Buying a new sheet set once a year means you’ll slowly build a sheet wardrobe over time. Stay with classic white for a fitted sheet and duvet covers. Then work in subtle patterns that can be used seasonally for top sheets, pillowcases and accent pillows for best results– always in the same color patterns. Why? Any blankets, throws and pillows will coordinate with different sets. (NB: whites rarely go on sale but you can pick up some great pillowcases and sheets at significant discounts during sales.)

As a general rule, resist the temptation to outfit your bedroom in a theme. You will spend oodles of money on matching textiles and then just get sick of it, having to spend more oodles of money re-doing it.